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My First Blog for High Country Officiants

Looking at the schedule, I will have 16 weddings to officiate this year, that is if I don't get more requests. My mentor, Dr. Rev. Gregory Possman assures me that more will come in. My busiest year, I had over 30. That was pushing it for me, doable but I prefer not to give up so many weekends and do more than one a day.

Even though I've been doing weddings for over ten years, this year is different. Previously, I subcontracted for High Country Ministers. I didn't worry about maintaining a webpage, marketing, taxes, professional association membership and wedding shows. This year it is all on my, as my buddy Gregory is slowing down and easing into retirement. He still does some but he is traveling more and enjoying his family more.

As for me, officiating weddings is perfect for someone like me. I'm looking for people that want to officiate. Most people with a full time job already don't want to add to their responsibilities. Someone who is retired or self employed and has time might work.

What does it take? So many of the skills required of me as a middle school teacher prepared me for this endeavor. Communication skills are at the top. Listening to the clients about their story, communicating the service I offer, and then delivering the ceremony to as few as the couple and two guests, and as many as 150 guests. Computer skills are a must, as email, zoom and creating stories with the assistance of a bank of samples to mix and match to fit the couples personalities. You be the judge but I tell my clients that conservatively dressed, and sufficiently good looking, I'm not be a distraction while standing with them on their big day.

Let me know if you too would like to become ordained to officiate weddings. I can help you get started.

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